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Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever been frustrated that your competitors are listed first on Google, while you are banished to the second page?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the trick behind website ranking and hierarchy.  A great SEO strategy will help get your website listed on the top of search engines like Google and Bing. SEO is partly science partly art and absolutely necessary to improve your online presence.  It is the building blocks to a successful website.
Just some friendly advice:  be skeptical about companies promising you incredible results for ‘reasonable’ monthly fees.   The only thing they will be incredible at will be taking your money.  With our SEO services let us revamp your website, then watch it climb to the top!

Note:  We want all of our clients to win! Therefore we only work with clients we are certain we can help, which is determined after assessing their competitive landscape.


Killer Marketing Campaigns

Your brand can be a nuisance just as easily as it can be exhilarating.   Which is yours?  By creating a compelling strategy behind marketing campaigns, we will help you nurture prospective clients into paying customers. Our services include email marketing management, landing page creation and even mobile phone display advertising. Our services are designed to make you stand out from your competition.
We will help make you into a marketing powerhouse.


Pay Per Click [PPC] and Adwords are the kerosene to your fire. But just like dumping kerosene on unlit wood won’t help, sending traffic to a mediocre website isn’t wise either. Let us optimize your site, initiate a solid SEO strategy and then implement our PPC strategies.  You will see an exponential increase in qualified traffic and effectiveness as we target specific demographics, resulting in more revenue.


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Sharpen Your Social Media

The digital world is not rewarding mediocre or generic content, so sharpen your online conversation and voice.  You may not like social media, but then again you may not like your mother in law and just like social media you can’t ignore them!  Social media is crucial to SEO, your digital presence, and perhaps most importantly your online reputation.  As the parable goes, “you can build your reputation for a lifetime yet lose it in a day.”

We provide a consistent and responsive (not reactive) approach towards social media and review sites like Yelp. Our experience and insights will help win new customers and reward returning clients, creating a balanced authentic presence that is engaging and creative.


Creative Content Writer

Are there some marketing tasks (like a blog) you are unable to do because you are too busy?  Perhaps you don’t like writing and coming up with creative content for your website or blog, so you rely on ‘copy & paste’. Instead of plagiarizing or settling for generic statements, which are as boring as they are ineffective, let us help!  We are confident that we can produce original content but more importantly we posses proven strategies that will make your content count.  You can increase a buyers confidence by having your website read and flow well, resulting in additional sales.


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The 6 Critical Elements of Online Marketing for Businesses in Santa Barbara

Online marketing has evolved dramatically and has become more complex, as buyers are more savvy about how they find and choose products and services.

The most successful businesses take advantage of key elements of online marketing to appeal to prospects, via their website, search engine optimization, email marketing, PPC advertising, analytics, and social media.

Focusing on only one channel won’t get you very far. Your potential clients and customers are using several channels and devices throughout their “buyer journey” (the steps they take before buying), and you need to be where they are.

The approach is to implement marketing that works across channels, so-called “omni channel marketing”.

For example, if you’re primarily looking for your phone to ring, consider using Pay-per-Click advertising, blended with social media, to show up where your potential customers are.

If you want to increase repeat-business, establishing a presence with SEO for search results, coupled with social media, and especially email marketing will help you achieve those sales quotas.

Your goal is an ideal mix of online marketing methods. Developing an online marketing strategy that works can be daunting, however.

You are up against the noise of all the other companies vying for the attention of online prospects. How do you stand out?

Here are six elements, the fundamentals, that will help your business stand out in a crowded field.

1. Effective Website Design Focus On Conversions And User Experience

The goal of a website is to get visitors to stick around, find out more about your products and services, and encourage contacting you and buying from you.

Your business website needs to make it easy for people to engage with your business and get them to respond to your call to action.

Here are the factors you should take into account:

  • Use responsive web design to make your website look amazing on laptops, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Make it easy to navigate. If it isn’t simple to get around, they will leave quickly.
  • Make it clean and visually appealing.
  • Make the content informative, useful, valuable, and entertaining.
  • Include “calls to action” more than once on a page, and on multiple pages. Keep it in front of website visitors to encourage them to click. Let them know what you can do for them.
  • Make sure your page works well on all browsers, including those used on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Use keywords in a natural manner, following the correct SEO protocol in order to help your rankings and search page results.


2. Use Content Marketing To Establish Authority And Build Trust

Every business needs a well crafted content marketing plan. Think of content as “educational marketing”, where you get prospects to know, like, and trust you by providing them with useful and relevant information.

It can be as easy as compiling “Top 10” lists, answering common questions, or keeping people up-to-date on the latest products and news.

You should utilize articles, blog posts (through great CMS software like Joomla and WordPress), whitepapers, video, audio, and other formats as much as you can. You don’t have to do everything, but you should implement something – and be consistent.

According to recent studies and statistics, companies with content marketing (such as a blog, articles, whitepapers, and more) get a full 55% more visitors than companies without one. That’s a number that’s hard to argue with.

Your blog can’t be thrown together. Visitors are picky about what they read. Make your content informative, helpful, and entertaining. The topics should be relevant and the facts useful. Answer common questions that your visitors have.


3. Search Engine Optimization Is Essential

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, means designing your website to appeal to not just the search engine algorithms, but also to people who are searching for information and answers.

Think of it as appealing to both “robots” (the search engines) and people.

By optimizing your website for search (structuring content the right way, using links, and more) ensures that you will rank higher when a prospect types keywords into the search field, usually via Google, but also using Yahoo and Bing.

This is vital for bringing targeted prospects directly to your website, and there are many tactics techniques that will help your website and blog rank higher in the results.

Here are four tips to help your online presence get the most attention possible from the search engines:

  • Optimize each page of your website according the most recent recommendations and best practices for SEO.
  • Find out the most effective way to find specific keywords that prospects are using to find your products and services. Do regular keyword research to stay on top of trends.
  • Use the keywords in a natural way throughout the content on your website and your social media posts.
  • Use long-tail keywords that are used by prospects. These are one of the most important methods you need to use to rank well on the search engines.

4. The Value of Email Marketing For Long-Term Lead & Customer Nurturing

If a visitor comes to your website, but leaves, you’ll likely never find out who they are, or have them come back.

And most website visitors (around 80% or so), only visit once.

It’s vital for your sales pipeline that you find a way to attract, capture, and nurture leads. For this purpose, email marketing is an effective tool for lead and prospect nurturing.

Offer a newsletter where you also send out specials and discounts regularly. Incentivize someone to sign up with their email, with a promotion or gift, and stay top-of-mind by regularly sending out emails.

Consistent and effective email marketing can also be the best way to develop a relationship with customers, and it is more effective if carried out using a customer relationship management system.

A crucial thing to remember is to design a quality template for your emails. Give it the look and feel of your website, a good way to increase your branding and make it easier for them to spot your emails.

Never waste the time of people on your email list. They are busy, with inboxes crammed with junk they will probably delete. Make yours stand out by giving them relevant information that is immediately useful to them. Send it on a regular basis to develop a relationship with them.


5. Engage With Social Media

Businesses can engage with prospects and customers and find out what they are thinking by using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

They’re not just for cat videos or what you ate for lunch, but are also one of the most effective ways your business can market to new and existing customers.

It adds a personal and social element to your business that encourages trust. People get to know you and your company.

Build your brand recognition with a steady stream of social media content. It can make you an authority in your industry, help with customer service and be a solid source of targeted traffic.

The advantages of social media include:

  • Lets you create a community and allows you to interact with them in a friendly, helpful way.
  • When you post regular updates, you keep people interested in your products. Customers enjoy reading blogs, watching videos and looking at photos and infographics.
  • Saves you money by reaching huge numbers of prospects for minimal cost, especially when a post goes viral.


6. Find Out How You’re Doing with Analytics

You need to accurately track and measure the results of all types of campaigns and marketing efforts. It helps you track trends that affect your sales and monitor customer satisfaction.

If you don’t know how many visitors turn into inquiries, you’re fumbling in the dark with your marketing, and risk wasting a lot of resources on ineffective design and marketing campaigns.

You need to know what works so you can do more of it – and what doesn’t so you can tweak it.

There are several metrics you can track, but the most essential are:

  • Website: number of visitors, page views, average amount of time on the site, leads, bounce rate, conversions, pages per visit, which landing and exit pages get the most attention.
  • Blog: conversions, comments, shares on social media, views and visitors, rank, inbound links and clicks.
  • SEO: long-tail keyword opportunities and rank, number of keywords that are responsible for sending visitors to your site, number of pages that are indexed page rank, number of inbound links.
  • Email marketing: opt-outs, clicks opens, forwards, bounces, reported as spam.
  • Social media: engagement, results followers, likes and other types of connections, momentum.

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