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We at Lakrits have a love affair with WordPress and have had it for the last 8 years. Just as in a normal relationship, it is important to stay up to date with the latest news and information, whether it is a must have plugin or the discovery of a big security hole.

It is no surprise that more small and mid-size businesses are turning to us when it comes to updating and developing their Santa Barbara WordPress websites.

Santa Barbara WordPress

Let us help you with your WordPress site

Running a simple WordPress site isn’t so simple and easy as it may seem. Once something breaks, a plugin begins to go nuts, or your boss demands a new feature be added, then running the WordPress site becomes a much tougher job.

This is where we come in. We want to be your go to guys in Santa Barbara.

New design and theme modifications

We create beautiful fast loading WordPress themes customized for you and your business. The way you appear online is so important these days, so we are happy to create designs from scratch to make you stand out from your competition.
A lot of the times our client’s have a website that they are reasonably satisfied with, but they need help tweaking the design. Perhaps a bug fix that is causing an issue  once they’ve updated their WP version. We are experts at finding these little bugs and squashing them for you.


Plugins and plugin modifications

We love developing custom made plugin solutions for our WordPress clients. It may be projects with heavier and bigger requirements, while other times its minor changes to existing plugins. We can do it all.

Updates and maintenance

Did you know that updating your WordPress site to the latest version can break the entire site and the database? If you have custom-made revisions on your site, updating it without being sure of what you are doing, may cause big problems. Have peace of mind and let us update your site, as we know WordPress inside and out.


Moving sites

Things do not always stay the same when we decide to move to new locations, change our business name, or restructure our organization etc. The same goes for websites, and this is a most common task we help our clients with. Moving their existing site to new domains and redirecting old domain addresses to new ones is a technical matter.  Google will likely penalize a new website for duplicate content unless the old site has it’s URL redirection setup properly.  Let us help you, to make sure that you do not get penalized!

Our favorite WordPress Plugins right now

Visual Composer

This great plugin makes building pages in WordPress fun and easy for beginners as well as pro’s. It let’s you build any layout you can possibly think of and all through drag and drop. Say goodbye to <div>tags, and hello to Visual Composer.

W3 Total Cache

With this plugin, you can speed your your WordPress site drastically. No one like’s slow loading site, so why not use a plugin that cuts down your loading time by up to 75%? Check out this great plugin here.


A lot of the e-commerce sites we build here at Lakrits’ uses woocommerce as the foundation. It comes pre loaded with great features and because of it’s popularity in the WordPress commmunity, it’s never hard to develop or find plugins that your e-commerce site could possibly need. Check out Woocommerce here.

Of course we at Lakrits also work on our own plugins for clients and ourselves. Please check our page here dedicated to our WordPress plugins.

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Let’s see how we can help you with your WordPress site


We’re serious about working only with clients we can clearly help reach better results online, whether its by fixing your WordPress theme or building a site from scratch.  Contact us today to see if we can be of help for your project!

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