Web development vs web design in Lakrits

It is always a raised question among many people. What is the difference between web development and web design? Before answering this question, we shall mention that we offer both web development and web design services. In addition, the two previously mentioned field are related and close to each other. So what is the answer? Web development takes care of the website core which is coding and programming. Web developers deal with Programming languages such as HTML and CSS to formulate the core of the website. Being free of lags is the most important job of the web developers. On the other hand, web design takes care of the style and appearance of the website to the audience. Being beautiful or being awkward is what web designers think of. Here in Lakrits, Santa Barbara web design firm, we take care of both fields: web development and web design.

Lakrits designer’s and developers job is an interdisciplinary job that requires from both of them to work together. They should put the whole picture in their minds to reach the best results they can. In our Santa Barbara web design firm, we first put a strategic plan to manage the work during the process of creating a website. Starting from the very simple details to the very complex ones, all the points are discussed between the web designers and web developers here in Lakrits to ensure of getting the best output. In our Santa Barbara web design firm, time management is a critical point. To ensure of getting through the whole process in the determined time, we hire only professional web designers and web developers to be aware of the importance of the user time. Every step in the strategic plan is determined by the task and the deadline of executing the step. In addition to being professional and aware of time, our web designers and web developers are highly trained and have the required experience and skills. In our Santa Barbara web design firm, we make sure to provide the user with the best website he/she dreams of. Because of being professional in Lakrits, we are proud of being the best Santa Barbara web design firm ever.